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Transmission Experts Since 1965

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From transmission repairs to engine tune ups and even oil changes, we do them all. Click on our services below to see the full list of services.

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We know you like to save money and that is why we offer our customers many auto repair coupons that they can use on any visit.


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The number one trusted auto repair shop in Ogden Utah.
We treat your car like it was our own. From engine repair to transmission rebuilds and even oil changes, we do it all! 

Transmission Repair
We offer repair & replacement for both automatic and manual transmissions on all makes and models (foreign and even even domestic), including cars, trucks, minivans and even SUV’s. Our Ogden auto repair ASE certified technicians work on all vehicle makes and models. We also have an expert team dedicated and well equipped to handle any and all forms of transmission repair. Choose AAMCO Transmissions in Ogden for your transmission problems and all other auto issues and you will find friendly, efficient service without the burden of taking your vehicle to the big national chain which will most likely treat you like just another guy.



Engine Repair
Are you trying to decide whether or not to get your engine rebuilt or buy a new car all together? Pricing out engine shops can be time consuming and expensive. Our ASE licensed technicians are properly trained to handle the most challenging engines out there. We’ve spent over 30 years working on many different engines. We will give you the best rebuild and warranty for a very competitive price! Check out our coupons for more money saving ideas!


Auto Repair
Engine trouble? Car not driving like it should? Won't start? These are all problems that the AAMCO Transmissions staff is happy to solve for you. We offer: Complete Mechanical Repairs, Body Work, Engine repairs, Brakes, Shocks, Timing Belt, Oil change, Tune Ups, Computer-aided engine diagnostics, Air-conditioning service, Car Restoration and even MANY OTHERS! Here at AAMCO Transmissions in Ogden, we do it right the first time and have many coupons to help you save money and have a quality repair shop do work for you!